The Ministry of Inspiration (MOI-Nelson) has taken on another NEW and EXCITING project, called NZ Aquabots! The programme has been designed around the SeaPerch programme in the USA in which teams of students build an underwater robot from a prescribed kit and compete in a series of tasks.

Through the contacts of one of our group members, Jay Inman, we have the opportunity to bring the National Education Director of SeaPerch, Dr. Lori M. Richmond, to New Zealand to run a 2 day teacher workshop, for FREE. Dr. Richmond is a New Zealand trained teacher (Canterbury University) who is very enthusiastic about bringing the underwater robotics program to NZ.

“I am thrilled to be able to work with you in New Zealand and help with the initiation of a new underwater robotics project! This is terrific groundwork that you will be setting down to have a meaningful impact with students and science for a long-range impact. I am most grateful for this opportunity to be a part of your wonderful movement forward for students and your vision and dedication to higher-order thinking and learning with students with 21st century innovative opportunity.”

The Ministry of Inspiration has sponsored all Dr. Richmond’s costs and we are offering FREE teacher training. We are hoping that each secondary school in the area can send at least one teacher to this FREE event. Each attending school will be trained in the robot building process and will take their built robot AND potentially an unbuilt kit back to their school. It is assumed that the attending schools will then organize a student group to build and compete in the underwater challenges later in the year which will have a fee.

The workshop for Nelson will be held at Garin College on 8/9 June and for Christchurch on 15/16 June.

Please contact Amy Cornelisen for further information about this event!