New Zealand Association of Science Educators

President’s report for 2011

Firstly, I must make apologies for any omissions in this report. As I only took up a position on the NZASE executive in late August, and the position of president in January 2012, my knowledge of NZASE events during 2011 is incomplete and I regret that the report is undoubtedly less comprehensive than it might otherwise be.

Subject association conferences were held in 2011, with BEANZ Biolive in Auckland, Physikos in conjunction with NZIP, in Wellington, and ChemEd in Palmerston North. STANZ also held conSTANZ in Dunedin.

The inaugural National Primary Science week was held in May and was a very successful event with a variety of events throughout the country for primary school teachers, students and parents. Chris Astall has been instrumental in the development and promotion of this worthwhile event.

Kate Fowler took on the role of part time administrator in 2011, with the role continuing on into 2012. This has been a very successful appointment and Kate has rapidly gained a comprehensive working knowledge of NZASE, and her hard work has certainly helped with sustaining and developing the association. Her support and professionalism are greatly valued.

Stephen Sexton, of the University of Otago, and Gerard Harrigan, of Freyberg High School joined the executive committee in 2011. Both have been a valuable addition to the executive, Stephen particularly in the area of Primary Science, and Gerard in fostering and developing closer ties with regional associations.

Matt Balm has continued to be proactive and efficient as Publications Manager, liaising with the editor of the New Zealand Science Teachers Magazine. Matt developed and proposed a schematic and associated paper on the future direction of the NZST. We look forward to discussing this further at the 2012 AGM, and putting Matt’s ideas into practise to ensure that the NZST is a relevant and useful magazine for science teachers.

The Animal Ethics contract was extended for 2011 and into 2012. This contract provides invaluable support for students, parents, and teachers in a wide range of science projects. Thanks must go to Mark Fisher, Chair of the Schools’ Animal Ethics Committee, and to Karen Quinn, Senior Advisor, Ministry of Education for their work in ensuring the continuation of this service.

The NZASE council and executive committee were pleased to give approval to STANZ to become an incorporated society, while remaining a branch of NZASE. We look forward to the continued development of STANZ in their work supporting science technicians throughout New Zealand schools.

During 2011 NZASE commissioned the production of quality, engaging tasks for Level 1 NCEA internal achievement standards. These were ready for use in 2012 with the aligned standards and were welcomed and appreciated by teachers. Many thanks to Sam Stephens, Jenny Pollock and Kate Rice for their work in putting together these resources.

I would like to thank the executive committee and the council for their dedication to supporting the objectives of the association. Particular thanks go to Lindsey Conner, Jenny Pollock and Kate Fowler in helping me to find my feet during the last few months of 2011 in preparation for taking on the role of president in 2012.

Nāku noa, nā Sabina

Sabina Cleary

Sabina Cleary
President NZASE
July 2012