Apply for Animal Ethics Approval

Download relevant forms by clicking on the links below. Each form opens in a new browser window

Student Application Form.

Teacher Application Form.

Once your application has been approved you will be sent approval stickers. These are so you are able to demonstrate you have animal ethics approval and can enter into a science fair or for a science award.

Any science project that involves animals needs to have an animal ethics approval sticker on display.

Statistics Return

Immediately on completion of a student project, or the end of each year of a teacher project, it is a requirement to complete and email a Statistics Return to the Committee. This information, including the numbers and types of animals used in projects, is sent to the Ministry for Primary Industries, to contribute to annual statistics on animal use in research, teaching and testing.

Statistics Return Form Student

Statistics Return Form Teacher

Schools’ Animal Ethics Excellence Certificate

Each year, the Committee chooses a project to award the Schools’ Animal Ethics Excellence Certificate and cash prize of $100.

To be eligible, projects must be well-researched, and demonstrate a good understanding of an area of animal welfare. Photos of the project (for example of the animals that were studied, in particular during the study, or of the board submitted for a science fair) must also be submitted to be eligible for the prize.