NCEA Aligned Tasks

Under Review: Please note, these assessment tasks are currently under review.  Please be aware they may not currently meet moderator requirements.


NZASE have put together a range of NCEA achievement standard assessment tasks for use in 2016. The tasks have been written with students who struggle with science/literacy in mind however they can be used with any students at NCEA Level 1.

The tasks have been written around the themes of people, the environment and cars. These are contexts that are engaging for many Level 1 students in New Zealand schools. The tasks have been carefully constructed so that students can understand what is required of them, and demonstrate the requirements of the standards up to excellence level.

Many of you purchased the NZASE tasks in 2011. These were passed as “fit for purpose” in 2011. However, since they were written NZQA has changed some of the requirements for tasks and they may not pass moderation.

The old tasks were rewritten in 2012 to meet the new NZQA requirements. Most members received the new updated tasks early in 2012, however, if you purchased a task in 2011, an updated task will be sent to you free of charge if you fill out the attached form and email us. If you have not purchased these tasks before we will be charging $30 per task.

Also, new tasks have been written in interesting contexts and which also meet NZQA and literacy and numeracy requirements. These can also be purchased via email for $30 per task. Please see list of all the tasks on offer below.

Please note that tasks are only available for schools to purchase. The school needs to be a member of the NZASE in order to purchase these tasks.

Please Click here to download the order form/invoice for you to fill out and return with payment to or post to PO Box 37-342, Halswell, Christchurch. Please could you indicate in the correct column on the form whether the task is a replacement task (ie you purchased it in 2011 and would like a copy of the new updated task free of charge) or a new purchase (ie. You have never purchased the task before).


NCEA Achievement Standard Tasks: Level 1 Science

Standard number Standard name Resource title Overview
AS90926 Report on a biological issue “Are organic foods good for your health?” These assessment activities require students to report comprehensively on a biological issue.
The focus is on exploring different viewpoints on the issue “Is organic foods good for your health?”
Demonstrate understanding of the chemistry in a technological application “Clean it up!” Students prepare a newspaper article to demonstrate their understanding of the use of surfactants to clean up oil spills such as the recent Rena oil spill.
AS90935 Carry out a practical physics investigation that leads to a linear mathematical relationship, with direction “Stop that car!” Students work together in groups to develop a method to test the purpose that the higher the ramp the faster a car will speed along the flat surface at the bottom of the ramp.
AS90943 Investigate implications of heat for everyday life “”What’s Cooking?” Students will investigate an aspect of heat that has an impact on everyday life.  They are required to produce a report on how heat is transferred in solar ovens to provide sufficient heat energy to cook food.  The aspects of heat in this assessment are based on heat transfer and require prior knowledge of heat energy, radiation, convection, conduction, and temperature as a measure of heat energy.
AS90946 Investigate the implications of the properties of metals for their use in society “What’s your metal?” Students investigate the use of metals in car manufacture and show their understanding of how the chemical and physical properties of metals relate to their use.
AS90949 Investigate life processes and environmental factors that affect them “Stepping up!” Students investigate the interaction between heart rate and breathing rate when changing levels of exercise. They also look at the relationship between increased water intake and excretion rate with exercise.
AS90950 Investigate biological ideas relating to interactions between humans and micro-organisms “Don’t bug me” These assessment activities require students to investigate comprehensively how humans use and are affected by micro-organisms. The focus is on the more common causes of food-borne illness.
AS90953 Demonstrate understanding of carbon cycling “Why the fuss – Carbon?” Students research why society is now so worried about carbon dioxide levels in our atmosphere. The focus is on the processes of how carbon dioxide can be added to the atmosphere, how carbon dioxide can be removed from the atmosphere and how carbon is stored.
AS90954 Demonstrate understanding of the effects of astronomical cycles on planet Earth “Sun and Earth” Students will be given a series of broad focus questions about selected astronomical cycles and their effect on Earth. They will collect and select secondary information (data, images, maps, diagrams and text) from a range of authentic resources.
AS90955 Investigate an astronomical or Earth science event “Christchurch Shakes” This assessment requires students to investigate the Christchurch earthquakes as an earth science event by explaining and linking information and data that has been collected, selected and processed about key stages of the Christchurch earthquakes.