NZASE Membership Registration

From January 31, 2022 until March 31, 2024 NZASE’s annual membership fees have dropped to $100 for secondary schools, $50 for Primary/Intermediate and Area schools, and $20 for individual members. Membership is free for student teachers, and those in their first two years of teaching (PCT1 and PCT2).

NZASE secured Networks of Expertise funding for a two-year period to deliver professional development in Science to the sector.  NZASE is determined to allocate as much of this funding as possible to professional development as well as continuing its usual business.

To access members-only content, you need to register online as an individual. If your school is already a member school, your individual registration is free as long as you use your school email address. Click the link below to our new registration portal:

NZASE Membership Portal

Here’s a wee video that will walk you through the registration process…


Membership of NZASE brings:

  • SCICON – the biennial conference of the New Zealand Association of Science Educators. It is organised and hosted by regional science teachers’ associations with NZASE support and provides a unique professional development experience for teachers of science at all levels in New Zealand. Discounts are available to individual NZASE members.
  • Online access to articles and resources, a combination of commentary or stories written by the Editor and material submitted by NZASE members and academics.
  • Notification of events and professional opportunities.
  • General membership of Special Interest Groups (SIGs): Primary Science, Chemistry, Biology, Physics, Earth and Space Science. (NOTE: Chemistry and Physics charge an additional fee).
  • Support from us as your science teachers’ association.
  • Representation on National Committees.
  • Access to Ministry curriculum contracts.
  • Most important of all, a national voice on issues affecting science teachers and technicians.

Subscription Rates

Secondary School Roll 0-2001+ $100
Intermediate, Primary, Area Schools Roll 0-1001+ $50
Individual $20
Student Teacher, PCT1 & PCT2 Free
Tertiary Education Organisations $250
Libraries $100

Teacher and Student Awards

NZASE supports the Royal Society of New Zealand in its advocacy for awards for teachers and students. These include: