NZASE Membership Registration

To access members-only content, you need to register online as an individual. If your school is already a member school, your individual registration is free as long as you use your school email address. Click the link below to our new registration portal:

NZASE Membership Portal

Here’s a wee video that will walk you through the registration process…


Membership of NZASE brings:

  • SCICON – the biennial conference of the New Zealand Association of Science Educators. It is organised and hosted by regional science teachers’ associations with NZASE support and provides a unique professional development experience for teachers of science at all levels in New Zealand. Discounts are available to individual NZASE members.
  • Online access to articles and resources, a combination of commentary or stories written by the Editor and material submitted by NZASE members and academics.
  • Notification of events and professional opportunities.
  • General membership of Special Interest Groups (SIGs): Primary Science, Chemistry, Biology, Physics, Earth and Space Science. (NOTE: Chemistry and Physics charge an additional fee).
  • Support from us as your science teachers’ association.
  • Representation on National Committees.
  • Access to Ministry curriculum contracts.
  • Most important of all, a national voice on issues affecting science teachers and technicians.

Subscription Rates

Secondary School Roll 0-500 $200
Secondary School Roll 501-1000 $250
Secondary School Roll 1001-1500 $300
Secondary School Roll 1501-2000 $350
Secondary School Roll over 2001 $400
Intermediate, Primary, Area Schools Roll 0-150 $75
Intermediate, Primary, Area Schools Roll 151-500 $100
Intermediate, Primary, Area Schools Roll 501-1000 $125
Intermediate, Primary, Area Schools Roll over 1001 $150
Tertiary Education Organisations $250
Libraries $100
Individual $50
Student Teacher $15

Teacher and Student Awards

NZASE supports the Royal Society of New Zealand in its advocacy for awards for teachers and students. These include: