New Zealand Science Teacher

The NZASE is pleased to present the New Zealand Science Teacher website to our members.

New Zealand Science Teacher is published on behalf of the New Zealand Association of Science Educators (NZASE) by APN Educational Media. New Zealand Science Teacher is NZASE’s official publication and features a wide range of articles related to science education in New Zealand.

The website is updated weekly, by our online editor, with the latest news, opinion, videos, and comprehensive articles (both academic and informative).

Annual print and digital (iPad and Android) editions of New Zealand Science Teacher are published as companions to this website. These editions are published in November each year.

Articles published in previous issues of the NZ Science Teacher are also available on the website, We’re still working our way through many of the diagrams and photos which need to be inserted into the articles. Once this is done, the site will include the articles from NZ Science Teacher issues 129- 131, as well as new material Melissa has written over the past month or so.

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