NZASE Network of Expertise

Regional Workshops 2019 Podcasts:

This is a series of 10 podcasts adapted from the activities in the regional workshops in 2019.

#1 – The Purpose of SciencePodcast powerpoint + File 1 + File 2 + File 3

#2 – The Nature of Science & Science CapabilitiesPodcast powerpoint + File1 + File2 + File3 + File4

#3 – The Big Ideas of SciencePodcast powerpoint + File1 + File2 + File3 + File4

#4 – Weaving a coherent curriculumPodcast powerpoint + File1 + File2 + File3



Poolside Thinking: after all, it’s getting warmer, right?

Capabilities for life long learning: What’s science got to do with it? Ally Bull, 2015. This paper digs deeper into science capabilities.


Thinking Archive:

Thinking with what you know.  David Perkins

Unlocking the Idea of Capabilities in Science. Rose Hipkins. 2014

Working with the Big Ideas of Science Education Wynne Harlen. 2015.

Workshops in 2019:

We loved meeting you all during the regional workshops. Our next steps are to create a series of 10 podcasts adapted from the activities in the regional workshops and to facilitate the creation of a digital committee of regional teachers to help build and curate this webpage for NZASE.


The New Zealand Association of Science Educators (NZASE) has been funded by the Ministry of Education as part of the Networks of Expertise initiative. The purpose of the networks initiative is to grow and develop teaching and learning networks. We will be working with teachers in all the regions of New Zealand over the next two years and your input will be used to evolve this webpage, so it can become the digital network space that works for you. The funding is for 2 years and so in 2020, we will again be visiting the regions to host science workshops. We’d love to see you there.

Carmen Kenton and Sabina Cleary